seedership Launches a Free Digital Measurement Dashboard to Track Small Business Giving

seedership Launches a Free Digital Measurement Dashboard to Track Small Business Giving

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September 24, 2020

Measure Package gives small business owners one view of everything they give back to better understand their total community investment

HARTFORD, Conn. (September 24, 2020) ─ Today, seedership announced  a free Measure package on its community giving storytelling platform. Available nationwide, the package enables small businesses to bring together everything they give back into one visual dashboard for greater clarity and transparency around what they invest back into their communities.

Our 2020 Spring into Kindness Small Business Study found that while 95% of small businesses stated they track their giving, most track only the monetary value ─ either as money donated (73%) or money raised (30%), yet the picture gets hazier around other giving components, such as time volunteered and in-kind gifts. As a result, they undervalue what they give back.

“Even though small businesses continue to face uncertainty and hardships as they adapt to the pandemic, they have stepped up and taken leadership in supporting their communities,” said Jennifer Smithberger, seedership co-founder. “From feeding healthcare professionals to retooling operations to make hand sanitizers to running collection drives for food pantries, what they are giving back now is part of their overall community story. We want to ensure their generosity is seen, remembered and remains top-of-mind today and tomorrow.”

Powered by automation, analytics and a patent-pending tracking system, the Measure package provides small businesses a way to efficiently enter what they give back – dollars donated, time volunteered and in-kind services or products – to have an inventory and total value of each individual giving act. Once an act is entered, it is instantly aggregated into an overall visual giving dashboard to see giving by type of donation and cause, as well as a tally of total number of organizations supported.

“Consumers want their purchasing dollars to do good and as a result they choose products, services and brands that support causes they care about. Covid-19 has both amplified and accelerated the trend as individuals seek ways to help their communities,” Smithberger said. “A small business’s community story can help them attract new customers and build deeper connections with existing ones; protect their reputation, strengthen trust and show their values in action ─ ultimately driving growth. The first step is understanding the extent of what they are doing, which is why we created the forever free Measure package.”

“We enjoy being part of the community where we live and work. Our team is active on multiple fronts doing good through pro bono research for nonprofits and speaking at local colleges. We know there is value in our donated time, but we never kept track of it in one location or assigned a dollar value to it. Seeing it all combined and visible has been a huge benefit to understand our overall giving and its impact,” said George Kuhn, Drive Research owner and president.

seedership is a robust proprietary platform specifically built with direct feedback from small, nimble business and organizations. Understanding that small business owners and entrepreneurs wear many hats and that time and resources are a valued commodity we place simplicity and affordability at the center of our design principles. The easy-to-use tools allow the creation of professionally designed digital profiles and content ─ without the need for graphics or developer skills.

About seedership:

seedership is the simplest platform for a small business to create and share their community story. We make it easy for them to bring together everything they give, so they can connect with and attract customers who care about their communities. Powered by analytics, automation and a patent-pending tracking system, seedership helps small businesses keep the good they do visible, accessible and transparent to get more value from what they give back for their communities and business. To learn more about seedership, visit To start using the free Measure package now, visit

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