Want to be happier? Be kind!

Want to be happier? Be kind!

Jennifer Smithberger
June 18, 2019

It’s science. From behavioral scientists and sociologists to psychologists and neuroscientists, research findings show that happiness can be linked to kindness.

One recent study found that just seven days of doing small acts of kindness can bring more happiness into your life. Conducted by Oxford University in collaboration with kindness.org, 691 people from 39 countries participated in the experiment. Half of them were asked to perform acts of kindness for one week while the other half were asked to go about their normal daily routine.

The acts of kindness did not need to be large, time consuming or expensive. They could include doing acts for someone else, observing others do acts of kindness and even being kind to oneself.

So what did all the statistics and number crunching find? Individuals focused on doing acts of kindness felt more joyful, compassionate and satisfied with life. The benefits also increased as the number of acts of kindness done or observed increased.

At seedership, we believe all acts of kindness matter. We want to put this study to work and created our own list of small, easy-to-do acts to jump start our week. We invite you to join us.

Day 1 – Share this blog. Sharing positive information with a friend or colleague has the same impact of doing an act of kindness.

Day 2 – Send a handwritten note or thank you to someone. Just a few sentences can make someone feel appreciated.

Day 3 – Pick up trash in your community.  Not only will you make the community look better, but it could inspire others to do the same.

Day 4 – Donate an item to an organization or cause that can put it to good use.

Day 5 – Offer a smile and a compliment to someone. It can brighten their entire day.

Day 6 – Buy the next person in line a coffee.  Who knows, you may start a chain reaction!

Day 7 – You made it to the end. Reward yourself. Being kind to yourself is just as important as being kind to others.

Share your experience and any interesting reactions you may receive.

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