seedership: How our digital sharing platform can work for you

seedership: How our digital sharing platform can work for you

Team seedership
July 16, 2020

If you’ve been following any of our blogs, you know full well that kindness has a way of coming back to you, especially if you’re a small business. When your community is able to see the good that you do for them, it can help attract new customers, convert current ones into loyal brand advocates, deepen emotional connections with your community, improve employee engagement and productivity, reduce employee turnover, expand your network, increase media coverage, and so much more. However, if you are not actively sharing what you are doing with your customers and where they are like on your social media accounts, websites, newsletters, and other places where you connect with them, it will be hard for them to know what you are doing for your community.

Here are some quick stats on why kindness matters for your customers:

  • 86% of American consumers expect businesses to make a positive impact on society. (Cone, 2017)
  • 87% of American consumers said they would buy from a business that advocated for a cause they cared about. (Cone, 2017)
  • 64% of U.S. adults say the primary purpose of a business should be making the world a better place. (New Paradigm Strategy Group, 2019)
  • 80% of American consumers say when they buy goods or services from businesses that give back, they feel they are doing their part to make a positive impact.
  • 67% of people globally agree that is has become important that the brands they choose make a positive contribution to society, beyond just providing a good service or product. (Ipsos, 2017)
  • 92% have a more positive image of a company that supports a social cause. (Cone, 2017)
  • 88% would be more loyal to a company that supported a cause. (Cone, 2017)
  • 81% would tell friends and family (word-of-mouth recommendations) about a company’s charitable giving efforts. (Cone, 2017)

Here are some more quick stats on why kindness matters for your employees:

  • 94% say a company’s socially responsible business practices make them a good employer. (Cone, 2017)
  • 92% think charitable giving improves employee leadership and develops professional skill sets. (SCORE, 2018)
  • 93% of employees that volunteer with their companies say they are happier with their employer. (SCORE, 2018)
  • 70% of employees said being involved in socially responsible activities boosted their morale. (SCORE, 2018)
  • 64% of employees said that doing charitable activities with their coworkers strengthened their camaraderie. (SCORE, 2018)

What’s more, around 2,000 academic studies have examined the impact of businesses with environmental, social, and governance propositions, and 63% have found a positive impact. Small businesses like yours that are doing good for your communities every day have a big advantage over businesses that are not focused on giving back to the community. However, an important part of making it an advantage is making the good you are doing visible and top-of-mind for your customers and employees.

Your Time is a Valuable Resource

There are so many business benefits associated with kindness. But, we know that running a business full-time and committing to community-giving on an on-going basis are huge undertakings in themselves that require lots of time and resources. Sharing the results of your community-giving, or even taking the steps to track all that you have given could get lost in the shuffle of your day-to-day business operations. However, if your community does not know what you are doing for them, there’s less of a chance that you can benefit from the full potential doing good could really bring you. So, are you ready to make the most of your kindness?

Here’s where we can help. seedership is like your one-stop-shop for growing from your goodness. Curious about how seedership works? Let’s do a walkthrough to explore what it’s capable of and how it can help your small business and community grow.

1. Creating Visibility Into Your Kindness

Setting up your seedership business profile page

With your seedership profile page, you can showcase the causes and organizations your business cares about and what you are doing to make a difference in one visual space. Not only can you create an overview of the good your business does, but the seedership profile is also searchable on major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and more. This feature helps increase your online reach, improve your business’ SEO (search engine optimization), and can help with reputation management as well. So, if you’re worried about what will come up when a customer or employee searches your business on the internet, you have another source that will present the good you’ve done for your community and your business’ purpose in one place.

seedership profile page

Just like with many of your business’ social media profiles, you are able to upload images, craft a bio focused on your community-giving approach, and enter your charitable giving acts in one place. Your seedership profile page aggregates all the acts you have entered overtime to rank your business with a Total Kindness Impact (TKI) score. The TKI combines the true value of all the acts that you’ve done, from financial donations to hours volunteered and items or resources contributed to the community. This overall TKI score provides your customers with the insight they are looking for into everything that your business is doing for the community.

Entering acts

This next step is a crucial part of making your community story visible for your customers and employees and is the driving force behind the seedership platform: entering your community-giving acts. If your business uses social media, seedership helps simplify the process. By sharing your acts, you have all the content and imagery set up and ready to share for your fans and customers

From your profile page, you add your charitable acts in a few steps. First, click on the “New act” button located at the top of the platform. Now you are able to piece together your community story with a few keystrokes and mouse clicks. Create an attention-grabbing headline, for example, “We Donated 100 lbs of Food for the Community Food Bank.” Below the headline, describe in a little more detail about what you did for the cause you’re supporting. For example, “We contributed 100 lbs of excess stock to help feed the community. With the help of our employees’ and customers’ efforts, the Community Food Bank was able to provide 30 more families with healthy, delicious, and nutritious meals throughout the month. Making health and nutrition accessible and a priority is why we serve the community.” Here are some tips on how to describe your community-giving act.

After you enter the story element, you can now the measure and quantify the good you have done. Along with each act entry, you can classify each act by category to get a 1,000-foot view of what you are contributing the most. Select from things, time, and money to understand the total value of your investment back into the community for an act. So, following the above example, you contributed 100 lbs of inventory equating to $3,000 worth of goods, and spent 5 hours (the average cost of an employee’s working hour is $127.15, $127.15 x 5 = $635.75) packaging and delivering it to the food bank. You will be surprised at how much one single act of kindness adds up! Think about what the value your business is bringing to your community over the course of a year, five years, or however long you’ve committed to kindness.

Once you completed these few steps, you can start populating your seedership profile with your TKI score and all the acts your business has completed to give back to the community. You are able to enter as many acts as you want, from as far back as you see fit. We also offer privacy features if you wish to make your stories private to your audience but would still like to measure the value of your giving. And every act entered gets neatly archived and organized by date, searchable for future reference or re-sharing by location, cause or organization.

2. Showing your kindness where your customers are looking

Sharing new and archived acts

Once you have set up your seedership business profile, you can now get to sharing your community stories where your customers interact with you the most. Our platform integrates seamlessly with most social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter for quick and easy posting across multiple social media platforms at once with just one click. Upload an image to your act and seedership will apply our TKI filter to showcase the value of your charity for your audience and fans in a single, digestible post. You are also able to export your act summaries, reports, and into files that can be uploaded to your website, emails, newsletters, or wherever else you connect with your customers.

Sharing your community story creates the potential to forge emotional bonds with your community, customers, and employees. By showing what you give, you can inspire others around your charity to increase the impact of your goodness. There is no time or quantity limit on when you share your community stories. Share acts directly from your seedership profile page or from your visual act history carousel.

Connect with like-minded organizations

seedership was designed to bring businesses and communities together to create a better future for everyone. Using our platform, you are able to research and find other businesses and organizations that support causes you also care about. Simply type the name of an organization into the search bar and pull up their seedership profile. Finding like-minded businesses that care about causes that matter to you and your customers can lead to collaboration and partnership opportunities that you never knew were available. Create entire business networks based on helping your communities grow. Fellow small businesses are highlighted green, while nonprofits to partner with are highlighted blue.

3. Getting your employees involved

Your employees care about the good your business does as much as your customers do. Several employee studies have shown that employees that work for purpose-driven companies are overall more satisfied with their work and leadership, get along with coworkers better, and are more productive at their jobs. seedership allows you to create employee profiles to engage your staff along your community-giving journey.

Creating your team

With our Connect Package, you are able to invite up to employees to start using seedership. Simply send an invite to their emails through seedership and get your staff on board. Organize your participating team members on your team profile pages and encourage them to share their own community-giving acts and stories. The team leadership scoreboard allows you to see what causes and acts are most important and engaging for your team members.

Based on your employee’s acts and accomplishments, you are able to recognize and let them know how grateful you are to have them as a member of your team. Get valuable insights into what skillsets your employees are developing and using through their acts to help nurture their passions. For example, an employee volunteered to read a book at an assisted living facility. In their seedership act entries, you see they enjoy talking one-on-one with people in an intimate way. You can use these newly-discovered talents to help create new advancement opportunities at your business.

If you get the whole team involved, your visual storytelling carousel will fill up fast. seedership allows you to search the timeline of your businesses’ community story to pull up individual stories your team has shared by date range, employee names, act category, or other associated keywords. Go back in time to recognize an employee’s accomplishment, or share their community stories as many times as you’d like. You are also able to showcase your employees’ acts on your seedership business profile if you choose.

seedership: Take your small business digital community story to the next level

Your business is so important to your community’s health. Small businesses’ and their communities depend on each other to grow. Your customers are looking to support businesses that do good like yours, and they will typically pay back your kindness with their purchasing dollars. Your business is committed to making a difference in the world, and seedership was designed to help you accomplish this goal. Don’t just take our word for it, right now we are offering a 30-day free trial of our digital sharing platform. Learn first-hand how seedership can help you achieve your community and business growth goals.

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